Galaxy Forum Kansas – Cumulative

Galaxy Forum Kansas 2013 – Hutchinson

Saturday 27 July 2013 (1-3pm) @ Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center

GF Kansas 13 - website graphic

Galaxy Forum Kansas is co-sponsored by the Ad Astra Kansas Foundation, Space Age Publishing Company and the International Lunar Observatory Association. Founded in 2001 and an affiliate of the Kansas Space Grant Consortium since 2003, Ad Astra Kansas is an information resource focusing on high-tech and space research in the state of Kansas. The foundations primary mission is to Advancing the Kansas State Motto, Ad Astra Per Aspera, for the benefit of Kansas, America and the World.

This event is free and open to the public. Seating Limited, please RSVP to


Intro to the Ad Astra Kansas Foundation — sponsor of today’s event— its mission and future projects.

VOYAGER (Are We There Yet?) — We might be–according to Dr. Thomas Armstrong, NASA co-investigator on the Voyager project for its entire 35 years. In this update to last year’s presentation, find out from Armstrong the latest information which leads many scientists to think Voyager I has entered interstellar space and what they are finding out.

EXPLORING SPACE WEATHER—The Van Allen Storm Probes Everyone is familiar with changes in the Earth’s weather, but weather also occurs in space. Changes in the Sun’s energy flow cause changes in the space environment near Earth. Twin probes launched last August are recording data to quantify the processes that generate the radiation belts and cause them to change. Learn how this affects our space-based and ground-based technologies. Learn what scientists are looking to find out from veteran NASA scientists Dr. Thomas Armstrong and/or Dr. Jerry Manweiller.

FROM UNDERSTANDING BASIC PARTICLE PHYSICS —to exploring the Universe During the first half of 2013, a number of startling advances in astro-particle physics have been announced. In addition to this–the next ultra large cosmic ray experiment is being developed, regions of the world (including southwest Kansas) tested for their suitability to host such an experiment. In this talk you will get a brief introduction of the ideas of particle physics and how they are being transformed into astro-particle measurements to further understand the Universe and the forces within it.

*Professional Development credit is available.


Galaxy Forum Kansas 2012 – Hutchinson

Saturday 22 Sep 2012 @ The Endeavour Room, Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center

Galaxy Forum Kansas 2012

Galaxy Forum Kansas is organized by the Ad Astra Kansas Foundation in collaboration with Space Age Publishing Company and the ILOA. AAKF is a non-profit organization focused on promoting science in Kansas, especially the space sciences. The Foundation and its members act as an information resource focusing on high-tech and space research in the state of Kansas and is an affiliate of the Kansas Space Grant Consortium. The Kansas state motto established in 1861, Ad Astra Per Aspera (To The Stars Through Difficulties), has been a source of strength and guidance for almost 150 years and continues to inspire 21st Century Education and scientific achievement.

FREE and Open to Teachers, Astronomers of all kinds, Students and the Public. SPACE is LIMITED. To reserve seats send name and number attending to: Teachers can correlate with State Science Standards.

Ken Moum, Ad Astra Kansas Foundation: Ad Astra: Cool History — Bright Future

Vicki Johnson, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Wichita Chapter: To the Stars Thru STEM

Dr. Thomas Armstrong, Fundamental Technologies LLC: History of Space / Voyager and More


Galaxy Forum Kansas 2011 – Hutchinson

Saturday 27 August 2011 @ Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center

(Credit: ILOA, Ad Astra Kansas, Solomey WSU)

This is the third in our series of outstanding Galaxy Forums held at this location. The Galaxy Forum this year was conducted from 1:00-3:00pm. The agenda included:

Ken Moum of Ad Astra Kansas: Taking Initiative for 150 Years and Beyond, Inspiring Students in STEM

Kay Neil Past President, Kansas Association of Teachers of Science: Chemistry Connections to the Universe

Dr. Mark Schneegurt of Witchita State University: Extreme Living: Finding Salty Martians

Dr. Nicholas Solomey of Witchita State University: Update on Auger North Observatory

Later in the evening, 1000+ people attended the 3rd Annual “Starry Night” Observation Party which includes rocketry, education, music and star observations. This event is free, open to the public and is from 5:30-10:30pm.

We appreciate new innovative ideas and renewed commitments to expanding and improving Galaxy education and exploration at all levels during Galaxy Forum Kansas 2011.


Galaxy Forum Kansas 2010 – Hutchinson

Saturday 28 August (2pm – 4pm) @ the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center

Left to Right: Steve Durst (ILOA / Space Age Publishing), Prof Meyers (WSU), Dr. Nicholas Solomey (WSU), Elias Jordan, Senator Stephen Morris (President of the Kansas Senate), Janette Steinert (Ad Astra Kansas)

This was the 2nd Galaxy Forum in Kansas.Left to Right: Steve Durst (ILOA / Space Age Publishing), Prof Meyers (WSU), Dr. Nicholas Solomey (WSU), Elias Jordan, Senator Stephen Morris (President of the Kansas Senate), Jeanette Steinert (Ad Astra Kansas)

Galaxy Forum Kansas 2010

Download the Galaxy Forum Kansas 2010 announcement here (337 kb PDF).

Press coverage:



Galaxy Forum Kansas 2009 – Hutchinson

Galaxy Forum USA slide

Saturday 22 August( 9:30-11:30am) @ Kansas Cosmophere and Space Center

Speakers (you can download their presentation in PDF format):

The event continued with a spirited panel discussion on advancing and enhancing general science education in Kansas.

Galaxy Forum Kansas also featured an “Additional Stellar Event” featuring an Astronaut presentation at the Cosmosphere marking the 25th anniversary of the maiden launch of Space Shuttle Discovery.

Click here to download the Galaxy Forum Kansas program handout.

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