Galaxy Forums 2020


Galaxy Forum South America 2020: Bariloche, Argentina — Tuesday 8 December 2020 (17:00-19:00) @ at Hotel Patagonia Sur, Salon Manantial

on the eve of IAU Symposium 367

In time for the 2020 Total Solar Eclipse, Galaxy Forum South America 2020 is themed “Precession, Constellations, Epochs, and Astronomy from the Moon” .

POSTPONED TO 2021: Galaxy Forum Korea Daejeon — @ National Science Museum (NSM)

Sponsors: ILOA, DNSM, KASI (TBD)
LOC: Dr. Chang Hyun Baek (NSM), Seo-Gu Lee (KASI, TBD)
Special thanks to Dr. Hyesung Kang

* Program:
Part I: Astronomy from the Moon: 14:00 – 15:10 session chair: Dr. Junga Hwang
▶ Prof. Sungsoo Kim (Kyung Hee University)
▶ Dr. Young-Jun Choi (KASI)
▶ Q&A, Panel discussion 20 min

break: 15:10 –15:20

Part II: Astronomy from the Moon: 15:20 – 16:50 session chair: Dr. Young-Jun Choi
▶ Dr. Eunhyeuk Kim (KARI)
▶ Director Steve Durst (ILOA)
▶ Dr. Soyeon Yi (TBD)
▶ Q&A, Panel discussion 20 min

break: 16:50 –17:00

Part III: Astronomy in Korea: 17:00 – 18:00 session chair: Prof. Sungsoo Kim
▶ Dr. Junga Hwang (KASI) Space Programs in Korea
▶ Prof. Yu Yi (Chungnam National University)
▶ Q&A, Panel discussion, 15 min

Galaxy Forum Europe 2020: Vienna, Austria — Friday, 18 September 2020 (09:00-17:00) @ University of Vienna Observatory

This pan-European event with the theme “Astronomy from the Moon” will cover multi-wavelength Astronomy / Astrophysics, and Moon landing presentations from international participants.

Speakers planning to attend:

  • Bodo Ziegler, University of Vienna – Austria
  • Steve Durst, International Lunar Observatory Association – USA
  • Mikhail Sachkov, Institute of Astronomy – Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Pascale Ehrenfreund, German Space Center – Austria
  • Tibor Pacher, Puli Space Technologies – Hungary
  • Davide Petrillo, Space Generation Advisory Council – Austria
  • Bernard Foing, International Lunar Exploration Working Group – France
  • Jacek Szubiakowski, University of Warmia and Mazury – Poland
  • Nectaria Gizani, Hellenic Open University – Greece
  • Sabrina Kerber, EuroMoonMars – Austria
  • Ian Crawford of University of London – UK
  • Ana Gomez de Castro, Complutense University of Madrid – Spain

and others…

Galaxy Forum USA 2020 Silicon Valley — Saturday 4 July 2020 (09:30-11:30)
Online Meeting hosted by The Vi

Join Us on Zoom:
Meeting ID: 924 6417 7503    Password: 620

Galaxy Forum Southeast Asia 2020: Chiang Mai, Thailand — Tuesday 3 March 2020 (09:00-17:30) @ Princess Sirindhorn Astro Park

The first Galaxy Forum of the 2020s decade (and 97th overall) was an extra-ordinary event, hosted by International Lunar Observatory Association and National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand in Chiang Mai – a growing regional hub of Astronomy and related technology in no small part to due to efforts of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, whose patronage of the science has earned her the nickname “Princess of Astronomy”. The newly (Feb 1, 2020) opened 21-acre, US$13M AstroPark complex bearing her name contains NARIT administrative headquarters, an amphitheater, planetarium, museum, laboratories, research facilities, and an educational observatory.

EAO-JCMT Director Paul Ho speaks about the first imaged black hole Powehi:

Astronomy from the Moon presentation by ILOA Director Steve Durst:

Jonathan Hung shares information about SSTA:

Chatief Kunjaya from ITB gives a presentation about Indonesia science and astronomy:

Boonrucksar Soonthornthum gives a NARIT SEA update:

International Astronomy from the Moon Panel Discussion Support Presentation: