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Mission: To advance 21st Century Education worldwide, thereby leading to greater global awareness, capabilities and action in Galaxy science and exploration.

The combined resources of leading galaxy focused professionals, teachers, innovators, academics, educators and traditional knowledge keepers provide universally applicable and locally relevant benefits towards 21st Century Education. Ultimately, this process leads to greater global awareness, capabilities and action in respect of Galaxy science and exploration.


Galaxy Forums have spiraled out around the world, with multiple events across the United States of America, Europe and Asia as well as extensive coverage in Hawaii, also known as ‘galaxy central’. Galaxy Forum is an initiative of the International Lunar Observatory Association. The ILOA is an interglobal enterprise incorporated in Hawaii as a 501(c)(3) non-profit to help realize the multifunctional ILO — to advance human knowledge of the Cosmos through observation from our Moon, and to participate in lunar base build-out.

Forum Structure:

Galaxy Forums are a flexible and responsive solution for achieving 21st Century Education. Selected experts present on relevant topics with educators, students, astronomers and interested community members in attendance. Interactive panel discussions follow and opportunities for continued discussion and collaboration are established. Efforts are made to integrate local perspectives and traditional knowledge in to the discussions, in the form of astronomical history or mythology, and traditional skills like star-based navigation. The events vary in length and style according to circumstances but do follow a shared design.

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2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. SOUTHEAST ASIA GALAXY FORUM 2017 – Jakarta Indonesia

    This is a very beneficial activity for the improvement of human resources in order to inherit all the knowledge of science and technology in astronomy and space not only in its use but also in the development of all the potential that exists for the use of humans.
    • As well as understanding that our Galaxy is part of the Universe and the environment that we must guard so that it remains useful for the survival of humans on earth.
    • SDN Tangerang 15, is determined to continue to follow this development movement and make a new force in the school community through the creation of astronomical activities and technology updates to be socialized to all students to map their future talents that will make their best contribution to environmental preservation in particular and the universe in general.
    • We also thank Tangerang 15 SDN and the School Committee for facilitating this participation and giving their best support, Assistant Teachers, and the Galaxy Forum which continues to include us in this scientific development activity and hopes to remain part of this activity.

    We, from Tangerang SDN 15, really hope that the development of science and technology will not be carried out only through forums, but rather converge on several segments of education with more diverse management programs and target focus not only for current development, but also to prepare for sustainable development in the future by inheriting this spirit of development to the most basic level of education.

    {Ini adalah kegiatan yang sangat bermanfaat bagi peningkatan sumber daya manusia demi mewarisi seluruh pengetahuan IPTEK Astronomi dan Antariksa bukan hanya penggunaannya tapi juga pengembangan seluruh potensi yang ada untuk pemanfaatan Manusia. •Serta memahami bahwa Galaksi kita merupakan bagian dari Alam semesta dan lingkungan yang harus kita jaga agar tetap bermanfaat demi kelangsungan hidup manusia di bumi. •SDN Tangerang 15, bertekad untuk terus mengikuti gerak perkembangan ini dan menjadikan sebuah kekuatan baru dimasyarakat sekolah melalui penciptaan aktivitas astronomi dan pemutakhiran teknologi untuk disosialisasikan kepada seluruh siswa demi memetakan bakat mereka dimasa depan yang akan memberikan kontribusi terbaiknya bagi pelestarian lingkungan pada khususnya dan alam semesta pada umumnya. •Kami juga berterima kasih kepada SDN Tangerang 15 serta Komite Sekolah yang telah memfasilitasi partisipasi ini dan memberikan dukungan terbaiknya, Ibu Guru Pendamping, serta Galaxy Forum yang tetap mengikutsertakan kami pada kegiatan pengembangan ilmu pengetahuan ini dan berharap tetap menjadi bagian dari aktivitas ini.kami, dari SDN Tangerang 15 sangat berharap pengembangan IPTEK ini tidak terselenggara hanya melalui forum, akan tetapi lebih mengerucut lagi untuk beberapa segmen jenjang pendidikan dengan program-program pengelolaan yang lebih beragam dan memiliki target fokus bukan hanya untuk pengembangan masa kini, tapi mempersiapkan kelangsungan pengembangan dimasa yang akan datang dengan mewarisi semangat pengembangan ini kepada jenjang pendidikan yang paling dasar.}

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