Galaxy Forum China – Cumulative

Galaxy Forum China 2013 – Beijing

Sunday 22 September 2013 (1:30-5:00pm) @ Room 308, China National Convention Center

GF China 13 - website graphic

With theme “Human Moon Missions: Giant Steps Into The Galaxy”, the International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA) joined IAC scientists, explorers and entrepreneurs to consider 21st Century education and enterprise at Galaxy Forum China 2013 – Beijing. ILOA, based in Hawai`i and an IAF member, supports human understanding of the Cosmos through observation from our Moon and hosts Galaxy Forums to help develop this understanding and realize its 4 Moon missions – robotic and human.

A fusion of astrophysics and astronautics, the ILOA Galaxy Forum previews Human Moon intentions of major spacefaring nations China, India, Russia and Japan, of nations with rising lunar aspirations Brazil, Korea, Malaysia, South Africa, France, Germany, Canada, amongst others, and of the remarkable enterprises at the forefront of the global Lunar Renaissance: ILOA, Golden Spike Company, Shackleton Energy Company, Google Lunar X-Prize competitors.

Galaxy Forums are public events with presentations, panel discussions and attendee participation. Efforts are made to integrate local cultures, perspectives, and traditional knowledge. Galaxy Forums have been held in Hawaii, Silicon Valley, Canada, China, India, Southeast Asia, Japan, Europe, Africa, Chile, Brazil, Kansas and New York.

Galaxy & Moon: Space Exploration and Astronomy Frontiers — Dr. Jin Zhu of Beijing Planetarium

UV Camera Aboard Chang’e-3 Moon Lander — P.I. Prof. Jianyan Wei of NAOC

Lunar PALACE — Leyuan Li, PHD Candidate of Beihang University

Future of Korea Space Program — Dr. Joo-jin Lee, Fmr. President of KARI

(coming soon)

Proposal for Human Mission to Earth-Moon L2 — Tatsuhiro Nozue of Japan Manned Space Systems Corp

Brazil National Space Program 2013-2021 — Prof. Jose Monserrat, Director of Brazil Space Agency

ILOA Human Moon Missions and 21st Century Education, Exploration and Enterprise — Phil Merrell of ILOA

Golden Spike Company: An Overview — Dr. Alan Stern, President of GSC

Shackleton Energy Company: Fueling the Space Frontier — Jim Keravala, COO of SEC

Moon Express: Establish New Avenues for Commercial Space Activities — Dr. Bob Richards of Moon Express

The Galaxy Forum received page 2 coverage in the China Daily newspaper on Monday September 23.

(click for full size image)

GF China 13 - China Daily article


Galaxy Forum China 2011 – Beijing

Thursday 8 December 2011 (8:00am-5:00pm) @ National Astronomical Observatories of China

(Credit: ILOA, NAOC, SHAO, Lomberg)

This is our second major 2011 Galaxy Forum China and is planned to significantly advance 21st Century Education informing China’s educators, and thereby the next generation. We expect 100-150 Beijing / Hebei high school science teachers. The program for this event includes:

Professor Shuhua Ye of SHAO: New Planets and Life in Our Galaxy

Steve Durst of ILOA: The ILOA Galaxy First Light Imaging Program and Galaxy Exploration

Professor Xiangqun Cui of Nanjing IAOT: China 21st Century Astronomy LAMOST and DOME-A

Dr Ming Zhu of NAOC: China 21st Century Astronomy — FAST

Professor Ziyuan Ouyang of NAOC / CAS and Chang’e: China Chang’E Moon Activities, including Astronomy and Observation from the Moon

Professor Jiansheng Chen of NAOC: From Galileo Telescope to HST

Dr. Maohai Huang of NAOC: China 21st Century Astronomy — HSO and WSO

Artist Jon Lomberg of Hawai`i: Galaxy Garden

Guo Hongfeng Outreach Educator at NAOC: “Hands-on Universe” in China, Global

Teachers Panel Discussion, Q&A: Advancing Galaxy 21st Century Education in Every Class

Earlier this year we had over 400 participants attend the Galaxy Forum China, Shanghai on May 14. (Pictured below). Within China, there is extensive awareness of the importance of cutting-edge science education, specifically of the opportunities, benefits and incentives that result for students and for the country as a whole. There is also a growing national focus on space exploration as a suitable venue to demonstrate China’s technical and intellectual capabilities.

Galaxy Forum China 2011 NAOC Beijing

Here are links to Chinese language news reports about our event:

Xin Hua News report

Guangming Daily report

CNTV (CCTV) report

CNTV (CCTV) report

Sohu Web News

See our flier for the event below (click image for full-size view):

Galaxy Forum China 2011 NAOJ Beijing Press Flier


Galaxy Forum China 2011 – Shanghai

Saturday 14 May 2011 @ The Shanghai Science Hall

(Credit: ILOA, SHAO)

We had a full house for this event. About 400 participants attended and a lively Panel Discussion culminated the event.

There were 4 featured presentations by selected experts.

Jon Lomberg, a world-renowned artist: Galaxy Garden as a Model for Galaxy Science and Eduction

Prof. Ye Shuhua, Former Director SHAO: Newly Discovered Planets & the Possibility of Life in our Galaxy

Steve Durst of the ILOA: The ILOA Galaxy First Light Imaging Program

A representative from the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory: SHAO Astronomy Education Program

Above Image – Middle Left – (From left to right: Moderator, Dr. Juntai Shen, Steve Durst, Prof. Ye Shuhua, Jon Lomberg, Dr. Lei Hao)

Galaxy Forum China 2010 – Beijing

Saturday 14 August 2010 (4:10pm – 6:30pm) @ the Beijing Planetarium 23m Dome

This is the 3rd Galaxy Forum in China, with others planned in 2011 and beyond. Special thanks to Beijing Planetarium Director Jin Zhu, BJP Astronomy Educator Ziping Zhang and the BJP staff for their robust and generous planning, support and hosting of the Galaxy Forum event.

Click here to download English and Chinese press release (886 KB).



Galaxy Forum China 2009 – Beijing

8 October 2009 (2:00 – 5:00pm) @ Beijing Planetarium 



Galaxy Forum China 2008 – Beijing

25 October 2008 (3:00 – 5:00pm) @ Beijing Planetarium


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