Galaxy Forum Europe – Cumulative

Galaxy Forum Europe 2013 – Strasbourg

Friday 5 April 2013 (9:30am-5:30pm) @ International Space University, Central Campus, Strasbourg, France

GF Euro 13 - website graphic

The ILOA is excited to collaborate the International Space University on this pioneering event for Galaxy 21st Century Education. This full day Galaxy Forum includes expert presentations, hands-on teacher workshops, a spacecraft tour and a panel discussion. ISU, founded in 1987, is the world’s only university exclusively devoted to the study of space. With a Central Campus in the suburbs of the beautiful, medieval city of Strasbourg, it offers graduate-level programs and has over 3,000 alumni worldwide. ISU’s first Chancellor was the late Sir Arthur Clarke while its current Chancellor is Professor Jean-Jacques Dordain, Director General of ESA.

GF Euro 13 - group picture

The Program included:

Jean-François Clervoy, ESA Astronaut Corps, 3 NASA Shuttle missions, President of Novespace

Dr. Benoit Famaey, Strasbourg Observatory, formerly ESO: Dark Matter in Galaxies

Core Workshops

Joachim Koppen, Strasbourg Observatory, ISU: The Radio Universe

Hugh Hill, Associate Professor at ISU: Experimental Microgravity

Core Presentations

Steve Durst, Director, ILOA: Galaxy Education, Exploration and Enterprise in the 21st Century

Hugh Hill, Associate Professor at ISU: Human Missions to Europa and Titan, Why not?

Hajime Yano, JAXA: Solar System Exploration: A review of the Hyabusa and Icarus

Nikolai Tolyarenko, Emeritus Professor: Guided Tour of The Excaliber Almaz Spacecraft

Galaxy Forums are free public events designed as flexible and responsive solutions to advance Galaxy 21st Century Education. Presentations are provided by experts in the fields of astrophysics / galaxy research and 21st Century Education. Interactive panel discussions follow and efforts are made to integrate local perspectives and traditional knowledge. Galaxy Forums have been held in Silicon Valley, Canada, China, India, Japan, Europe, Africa, Hawaii, Kansas and New York.

Galaxy Forum Europe 2010 – Prague

Saturday 2 October (10:00am – 12:00pm) @ Stefanik Observatory

Download the Galaxy Forum Europe 2010 – Prague flyer here.


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