Draft – 21st Century Education: Understanding Our Place in the Universe

Galaxy Forum: Advancing 21st Century Education worldwide to provide greater global awareness, capabilities and action in Galaxy science, exploration and enterprise.ILOA_Media_LOGO2

Galaxy Forum is the primary education and outreach initiative of the International Lunar Observatory Association, an architecture designed to advance 21st Century science, education, enterprise and development.

Galaxy Forums are public events specifically geared towards high school teachers, educators, astronomers of all kinds, students and the general public. Presentations are provided by experts in the fields of astrophysics / galaxy research, space exploration and STEM education, as well as related aspects of culture and traditional knowledge. Interactive panel discussions allow for community participation and integration of local perspectives.

Sixty-five Galaxy Forums with a total of almost 300 presentations have been held in 26 locations worldwide (since Galaxy Forum USA, July 4, 2008) including Hawaii, Silicon Valley, Canada, China, India, Southeast Asia, Japan, Europe, Africa, Chile, Brazil, Kansas and New York.

Here are some highlights from Galaxy Forum Southeast Asia 2014:



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