GF Architecture 2010-Present

Initiated through the International Lunar Observatory Association ‘Galaxy First Light Imaging Program’,  a series of Hawaiian, American and International Galaxy Forums exploring Galaxy Education / Galaxy Enterprise in the 21st Century are producing a substantial and identifiable Galaxy Forum Architecture — to advance 21st Century education, science and astronomy, exploration and enterprise, commerce and development. This Galaxy Forum Architecture, engaging with entertainment and excitement as well, energizes and materializes great activity and resources in circumnavigating our Milky Way Galaxy, perhaps somewhat like Cirque du Soleil animates and dramatizes the circle of Life about our star the Sun.

The awesome Milky Way Galaxy — with 100-400 billion stars, 100,000 lightyear diameter, 250 million year period of revolution, 3 trillion solar mass weight, and supermassive central black hole; a barred spiral galaxy SBbc with 2 + 2 + 2 spiral arms, and trillions upon trillions of planet worlds and moons — a mostly dark matter, superenergetic, yet definable, domain, likely teeming with unimaginable varieties of Life. Our Milky Way provides a standard Galaxy template and measure for understanding intergalactic structure, size and distance and the hundreds of billions of galaxies racing faster and faster to cosmic infinity.

A dominant idea and reality of our times, ‘galacticity’ or ‘galactivity’ has increased magnitudinally since Hubble’s conclusive Galaxy confirmations a mere 80-90 years ago, and may become as characterizing an influence for the 21st Century as was ‘relativity’ or ‘relativism’ for the 20th.

Galaxy Forums to advance 21st Century Education are being held in Hawai‘i, California, Kansas, Canada, China, India, Europe, Japan, Mexico, New York, Russia, South Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, and planned for Antarctica, amongst others. Teachers and educators at all levels participate with intent to introduce to their students and classrooms Galaxy awareness and consciousness — knowledge and understanding of humanity’s place in the Galaxy and Universe, as well as in the Solar System and geographically here on Earth. This enhanced 21st Century understanding of our expanded Galaxy reality naturally enhances our recognition of this new environment’s expanded opportunities.

Galaxy education and science provides the foundation for Galaxy enterprise and commerce, as well as for Galaxy culture and entertainment, and eventually, for Galaxy exploration and development. From Ford Galaxy cars and Hughes Galaxy satellites of the 20th Century, to Virgin Galactic spaceships, Galaxy Granola foodstuffs and the hundreds of Galaxy-name businesses and corporations that increasingly populate the 21st, Galaxy Enterprise may stimulate and transform macro-economic assumption and planning for 21st Century individual, national and global economies.


Galaxy Forums can be held in any community on Earth (and eventually beyond) in which any enterprising individual/s take initiative. All the resources from the Hawaii, USA National, and International ILOA Galaxy Forum series — now in its 4th year and developing globally in the 10-20 areas above — can be used and engaged: speakers and presentations; planning and logistics know-how, contacts and experience; finance, contributor and philanthropy identification for multi-million dollar ventures.

Each of you now studying this Galaxy Forum Architecture description is cordially invited to attend and participate in any of the Galaxy Forums being held in 2011, and in the future.

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Aloha and mahalo.

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