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Galaxy Forum Japan 2011 – Tokyo

Saturday 10 December 2011 (1:00-5:00pm) @ Miraikan: National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

Galaxy Forum Japan 2011

ILOA Galaxy Forum returns to Japan with the intention of advancing 21st Century Education and renewal for the future of Japan. Our dedicated team of local experts and organizers includes: Misuzu Onuki the Asia Regional Coordinator for the Space Frontier Foundation, Dr. Toshihiro Handa of Kagoshima University and Tomonori Hayakawa a Science Communicator for Miraikan. The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, known as Miraikan, is an amazing facility for the people and particularly the youth of Japan.

The provisional program this year includes:

Misuzu Onuki, Space Frontier Foundation: Forum Moderator

Steve Durst, ILOA / Space Age Publishing: ILO First Light Galaxy Imaging and the ILOA 3 Missions

Dr. Hidehiko Agata, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan: “You are Galileo!” Project

Yuko Okayama, Miraikan Science Communicator: Miraikan’s Galaxy

Dr. Toshiaki Takemae, JAXA and Young Astronauts Club: TBD (Space Exploration / Education)

Prof. Junya Terazono, the Database Lab & CAIST/ARC-Space, The University of Aizu: Hayabusa: The Legacy and Future of Space Education and Outreach

Jon Lomberg, Hawaii Artist and Galaxy Garden founder: Galaxy Garden Hawaii & Planning for Galaxy Garden Japan

See our flier for the event below (click image for full-size):

Galaxy Forum Japan 2011 - Flier


Galaxy Forum China 2011 – Beijing

Thursday 8 December 2011 (8:00am-5:00pm) @ National Astronomical Observatories of China

(Credit: ILOA, NAOC, SHAO, Lomberg)

This is our second major 2011 Galaxy Forum China and is planned to significantly advance 21st Century Education informing China’s educators, and thereby the next generation. We expect 100-150 Beijing / Hebei high school science teachers. The program for this event includes:

Steve Durst of ILOA: The ILOA Galaxy First Light Imaging Program and Galaxy Exploration

Professor Xiangqun Cui of Nanjing IAOT: China 21st Century Astronomy LAMOST and DOME-A

Dr Ming Zhu of NAOC: China 21st Century Astronomy — FAST

Professor Ziyuan Ouyang of NAOC / CAS and Chang’e: China Chang’E Moon Activities, including Astronomy and Observation from the Moon

Professor Jiansheng Chen of NAOC: From Galileo Telescope to HST

Dr. Maohai Huang of NAOC: China 21st Century Astronomy — HSO and WSO

Artist Jon Lomberg of Hawai`i: Galaxy Garden

Guo Hongfeng Outreach Educator at NAOC: “Hands-on Universe” in China, Global

Teachers Panel Discussion, Q&A: Advancing Galaxy 21st Century Education in Every Class

Earlier this year we had over 400 participants attend the Galaxy Forum China, Shanghai on May 14. (Pictured below). Within China, there is extensive awareness of the importance of cutting-edge science education, specifically of the opportunities, benefits and incentives that result for students and for the country as a whole. There is also a growing national focus on space exploration as a suitable venue to demonstrate China’s technical and intellectual capabilities.

Galaxy Forum China 2011 NAOC Beijing

Here are links to Chinese language news reports about our event:

Xin Hua News report

Guangming Daily report

CNTV (CCTV) report

CNTV (CCTV) report

Sohu Web News

See our flier for the event below (click image for full-size view):

Galaxy Forum China 2011 NAOJ Beijing Press Flier


Galaxy Forum Hawaii 2011 – Hilo

Saturday 19 November 2011 @ ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center

(Credit: ILOA, ‘Imiloa)

ILOA Galaxy Forum Hawaii programs continue with this event in Hilo on the Big Island, themed Hawaii as Galaxy Central.

Native-Hawaiians have for many centuries used Astronomy for navigation, story-telling, time-keeping, and education. Now, with the ideal location and environment atop Mauna Kea, Hawaii is home to a number of significant world-class astronomical observatories. The next step for Hawaii includes ambitious locally rooted interglobal efforts towards human and robotic space exploration. The ILOA is working on 3 missions to the Moon. The primary ILO-1 Mission, planned for as early as 2014, will establish a full-scale multifunctional observation / communication instrument on the surface of the lunar south pole and act as a permanent toe-hold for human development. The ILO-X Mission, is a precursor proof-of-concept mission that is currently in Flight Certification Design phase and may fly aboard the Moon Express bid to win the Google Lunar X Prize. Also the State of Hawaii program PISCES is working towards an International Lunar Research Park (ILRP), and aims to provide a state-of-the-art lunar analog testing site here on Hawaii for the next generation of exploration technologies.

The event took place at the ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center, “a place of life‐long learning where the power of Hawai‘i’s cultural traditions, its legacy of exploration, and the wonders of astronomy come together to provide inspiration and hope for generations”. The exciting program includes:

Steve Durst of ILOA / Space Age: Official launch of the ILOA Galaxy 21st Century Education Poster and Native-Hawaii Astronomy DVD


Kimo Pihana and Koa Rice, Native Hawaiian Cultural Perspective on Astronomy and Education

Dr. Marianne Takamiya of UH-Hilo Astronomy: Galaxy Astronomy and Education in Hawaii

click here to see Dr. Takamiya’s presentation

Phil Merrell of International Lunar Observatory Association: ILOA Missions – Hawaii to the Moon

Shawn Laatsch of ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center Hawai’i: Tour of the Milky Way (Planetarium)

Later in the evening, after the conclusion of Galaxy Forum, Imiloa hosts their monthly astronomy talk Mauna Kea Skies, starting at 7:00pm.

Click on the image below for a full-size version of our flier for this event.

Hawaii radio stations B93 and KWXX aired an ILOA Galaxy Forum PSA during the weeks leading up to the event. Hear it now by clicking play:

The Hawaii newspaper covered the build-up to our event in the Community News section on November 2nd.

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Galaxy Forum Africa 2011 – Cape Town

Friday 7 October 2011 @ South African Astronomical Observatory

(Credit: SAAO, SALT, ASSA, IAU-OAD, Earth & Sky)

The first ever Galaxy Forum in Africa. With expert collaboration from individuals and offices at the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO), the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa (ASSA) and the International Astronomical Union – Office of Astronomy for Development (IAU – OAD), there was significant interest and innovative pursuits during this inaugural African event. The Galaxy Forum Africa collaborative nexus is growing stronger thanks to efforts by Dr. Peter Martinez of SAAO and Kechil Kirkham of ASSA. The program encompasses educational outreach, astronomy research, facilities and discoveries at the cutting edge of 21st Century Africa.

Kevin Govender of International Astronomical Union – Office of Astronomy for Development

Dr. Petri Vaisanen of SALT, SAAO: South African Astronomical Facilities and Galaxy Research

Steve Durst of ILOA: International Lunar Observatory Galaxy First Light Imaging Program

Dr. Thebe Medupe: 21st Century Education, Building a Future in the Stars

Panel Discussion – Presenters & Special Guests: Science Education and Development for the Future of Africa

This event to coincided with the 62nd annual gathering of the International Astronautical Congress 2011, which occurred in Cape Town October 3-7.

Click on the image below for a full-size version of our flier for this event.


Galaxy Forum New York 2011 – Scarsdale

Friday 23 September 2011 @ Scarsdale High School, Scarsdale Public Schools

(Credit: ILOA, NASA, SHS, Liu, Spitzer)

ILOA Founding Director, Steve Durst, returned to his high school to reinvest 21st Century Galaxy education resources on the 50th anniversary of the graduation of the Class of 1961.

This event was designed specifically for the students of the school, to boost their awareness, interest, and understanding of the Milky Way Galaxy and their place in it. The program for the event included:

Steve Durst of ILOA – Galaxy Forum: International Lunar Observatory Association

Jeff Hoffman of MIT, 5 time Shuttle Astronaut: Video Address


Dr. Charles Liu of Hayden Planetarium & SUNY: Galaxy 21st Century Education

Our event was featured on the front page of the Scarsdale Inquirer:

Our Program for the event is shown below:


Galaxy Forum India 2011 – Bangalore

Wed-Thu 8-9 September 2011 @ Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and J. N. Planetarium, Bangalore

(Credit: ILOA, ISRO, NASA)

This national Galaxy Forum India was organized with the expert cooperation of the Bangalore Association For Science Education (BASE), the Government of Karnataka’s Department of Science and Technology, the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, and the International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA). It brought together teachers from all over India and included resources and presenters from the highest levels of Indian astronomical science.

Former President of India, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, inaugurated the 2 day national event. Below are pictures from Galaxy Forum India 2011 – Bangalore: APJ Abdul Kalam (TL) ; Professor UR Rao (TR); 400+ Galaxy Forum Participants including 300 India teachers, government dignitaries, leading scientists and regional news media.


With the coordination and assistance of Dr. C. S. Shukre of JNP, and the express support of Professor U. R. Rao, Chairman of the Governing Council of the Physical Research Laboratory and former Chairman of the ISRO, the event was assured success.

The program of feature presentations included:

Prof. J. N. GoswamiPlanetary Astronomy

Prof. Biman NathThe Universe

Steve DurstILOA Missions Update

Prof. G. RajasekaranThe elusive neutrinos and their importance in physics and astronomy

Prof. P. C. AgarwalSpace Astronomy

Prof. P. Venkatkrishnan – Solar Astronomy

There was also a panel discussion:

Perspectives on Astronomy Education in India

We are all looking forward to more useful strides as well as increasing social and commercial endeavors toward science education and space exploration.


Galaxy Forum Kansas 2011 – Hutchinson

Saturday 27 August 2011 @ Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center – Hutchinson, Kansas

(Credit: ILOA, Ad Astra Kansas, Solomey WSU)

This is the third in our series of outstanding Galaxy Forums held at this location. The Galaxy Forum this year was conducted from 1:00-3:00pm. The agenda included:

Ken Moum of Ad Astra Kansas: Taking Initiative for 150 Years and Beyond, Inspiring Students in STEM

Kay Neil Past President, Kansas Association of Teachers of Science: Chemistry Connections to the Universe

Dr. Mark Schneegurt of Wichita State University: Extreme Living: Finding Salty Martians

Dr. Nicholas Solomey of Witchita State University: Update on Auger North Observatory

Later in the evening, 1000+ people attended the 3rd Annual “Starry Night” Observation Party which includes rocketry, education, music and star observations. This event is free, open to the public and is from 5:30-10:30pm.

We appreciate new innovative ideas and renewed commitments to expanding and improving Galaxy education and exploration at all levels during Galaxy Forum Kansas 2011.


Galaxy Forum USA 2011

Saturday July 2 2011 @ The Tech Museum of Innovation – San Jose, California

Galaxy Forum USA 2011, sponsored by the ILOA and hosted at The Tech Museum of Innovation was a successful continuation of our mission to advance Galaxy education and enterprise in the 21st Century.

The event included 60+ participants from the astronautics, science and education communities of California. Much discussion arose from the informative presentations by:

Dr. Louis Friedman on LightSail-1: Solar Sailing The Milky Way

Steve Durst on International Lunar Observatory (ILO) Galaxy First Light Imaging Program

Jon Lomberg on Galaxy Garden for California (via Telecon)

Lynda Turley Garrett on Virgin Galactic

Eleonora Babayants on Pioneering Businesses With Galactic Aspirations

Below are some of the photos from the event.

(Credit: ILOA, Gary Reyes)

See our print ad for the event.

Galaxy Forum China 2011 – Shanghai

Saturday 14 May 2011 @ The Shanghai Science Hall

(Credit: ILOA, SHAO)

We had a full house for this event. About 400 participants attended and a lively Panel Discussion culminated the event.

There were 4 featured presentations by selected experts.

Jon Lomberg, a world-renowned artist: Galaxy Garden as a Model for Galaxy Science and Eduction

Prof. Ye Shuhua, Former Director SHAO: Newly Discovered Planets & the Possibility of Life in our Galaxy

Steve Durst of the ILOA: The ILOA Galaxy First Light Imaging Program

A representative from the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory: SHAO Astronomy Education Program

Above Image – Middle Left – (From left to right: Moderator, Dr. Juntai Shen, Steve Durst, Prof. Ye Shuhua, Jon Lomberg, Dr. Lei Hao)


Galaxy Forum Canada 2011 – Vancouver

Sunday 10 April 2011 @ The MacMillan Space Centre

This Galaxy Forum event was a resounding success. Featured presentations included:

 Levon Pogosian of SFU: The Universe Outside Our Galaxy

 John Chapman: Exploring and Mining the Galaxy

 Sophie Lavieri: Science Education: From Atoms to the Stars

 Steve Durst of ILOA: ILO Galaxy First Light Imaging Program

 Howard Trottier: RASC Resources

 Lisa McIntosh: Resources and Programs at MacMillan Space Centre

Galaxy Forum Hawaii 2011 – Kona

Saturday 29 January 2011 @ The Onizuka Space Center

Special Presentation:

Native Hawaiian Cultural Practicioners Ali‘i Kimo Pihana and Koa Rice: Hawai‘i Culture and Galaxy 21st Century Education

A DVD of the presentation will be available soon.

Special ‘Galaxy Star Awards’ were given to Jon Lomberg of Galaxy Garden and Una Burns of West Hawaii Exploration Academy.


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