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Following are some testimonials from educators and community members who participated in Galaxy Forum events:

“Everyone who attended really seemed to enjoy the forum. I had several excellent conversations afterwards with some very interesting people.”
– Mary Beth Laychak, Astronomer, Canada France Hawaii Telescope

“Your outstanding event allowed us to gain partnerships with many science teachers in our community. Also, we were able to strengthen our relationship with scientists and astronomy educators from the Mauna Kea Observatories. This has created a very valuable, mutually beneficial relationship.”
– Nancy Tashima, Curator, Onisuka Space Center

The Galaxy Forums have been a joy to attend, it is so encouraging to have extremely busy and important people want to spend time with teachers and actually listen to what we say. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the workshops and lectures and have been able to use all the info given out in a variety of my classes from geometry to chemistry. as well as share it with other teachers in my school.
– Una Burns, Teacher, West Hawaii Explorations Academy

The efforts of ILOA to advance galaxy education are to be commended. Without exception, the nature of the information and excellence of the presentations at the Galaxy Forums have been a continued inspiration to me. The added perspectives of Native Hawaiian Cultural Practitioners further provides me with insights to inspire, engage and influence our keiki”
– Jim Johnson, Middle School Teacher, DOE, Hilo

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